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Kel'Thuzad down! - 28 May

Welcome to Rise's Guild Website

Originally hailing from the Twinstar Kronos II server, <Rise> is a North American based guild now residing on the private Light's Hope server. Once proud members of the alliance, Rise has reformed under the crimson banner of the horde.

For those of you interested in joining us, we are currently accepting only the finest—those dedicated and motivated to be a part of a long-lasting online gaming community. If that is you, learn more about us within our guild charter below before applying.

Rise Sigil

— Dredd, Ample, Forsake, Ocnarian and Gwen —

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Rise Wall of Fame and Shame

Lengendary Rise Guild Members

Tygar (K2)

An amazingly skilled player who topped Rise raid healing charts with restoration as his secondary spec.

Hall of Shame

Spazzer (Elysium)

A dedicated player who single handedly broke the economy twice and got banned for selling Deviate Fish.