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Guild Charter | Policy and Expectations

I. Introduction

Hello, welcome to <Rise> a North American raid progression guild playing Vanilla World of Warcraft on the Elysium PvP server. We are a mature and diverse group of individuals who have joined ranks to pursue conquering end-game content. We are not a rigidly hardcore type of guild, but we rise to the professionalism required to take raids seriously without compromising fun.

If you are a raider, a potential new recruit, or just stopping by, welcome! If you'd like to speak to us, you can reach out to Dredd, Totems, or other members in-game for any concerns you might have.

II. Guild Organization

Guild Master


Guild Officers





Class Leaders

Tank | Ample

Melee | Dredd

Caster | Forsake

Healer | Drshockaloo


Member Ranks


This structure makes up the basic hierarchy of our guild. Anyone who may be interested in joining <Rise> must fill out the application. It will be reviewed by the officers and class leaders. Upon approval of entry into <Rise>, you are given two paths: A social or raider.

Trial Raider

Any new Rise member who desires to raid with us, as well as current Rise members who cannot make our scheduled raid times but still wish to help the guild progress when needed. Trial Raiders will have the lowest priority for loot council decisions while still being fairly considered for tier ladder loot. This is less demanding and requires less consistent raid attendance; however, if you wish to promote to Raider, you must then be willing to meet the requirements of:


The Raider rank will be awarded to individuals who exhibit a variety of positive attributes including but not limited to: knowledge of raid mechanics, punctuality, raid performance, attitude, and preparation. You must surpass 80% raid attendance. Your attitude and performance will also be qualitatively evaluated by the Dredd and the Officers. You will have a higher loot council priority than Trial/Backup Raiders. Raider rank members will be eligible for cross class loot over trial raiders.

To be explicit, here are some requirements to hit raider rank:
1. Be pre-raid BiS (or close to it - as determined by class lead/officers)
2. 80+% Attendance without exception.
3. Come fully prepared for raids with consumables, world buffs. Contribute, as opposed to simply reaping the reward of others' work, to world buff efforts (Felwood, DMN Tribute).
4. Have a high level of performance during raids.
5. Demonstrate a consistently friendly, mature, and positive attitude.
6. Be nominated and approved by a general consensus from the officers and class lead.

Core Raider

This prestigious rank will require a succession of promotions from the previous ranks and is only for those most dedicated to <Rise>. You will need to demonstrate exceptional quality as a skilled and committed raider and as a member that best reflects <Rise> values. You must have 95%+ raid attendance. Your consideration for this position will undergo the highest scrutiny by the GM and officers, however, your loot consideration will also be highest. You will have to apply for this position at regularly scheduled times determined by the discretion of the officers.


<Rise> policy on active/inactive and leaves of absences:
We will demote you if you have been inactive for 7 days. After 30 days, you may be removed from <Rise>. If you'd like to request an extended leave of absence (Weeks to months), talk to Dredd and we'll work something out.


Class Leaders are responsible for the loot ladder, ensuring each member of your class is appropriately geared, spec'ed, and are registering on the forums and for raids. Furthermore, class leaders will be required to provide immediate input for loot considerations to help loot distribution go smoothly and quickly. Lead by example! Class leads are expected to meet the standards of a Core Raider, while being active and available to improve the knowledge and performance of their class members. Class leads shouldn't be raid loggers, for example.

Officers deal with a lot of the behind the scenes things that don't affect the everyday experience of members all that much. If you have any questions or concerns, bring them up either with officers or Dredd, or at the designated optional post-raid member's meeting.

III. Rise Member Expectations

Be nice. You are responsible for your actions. Be nice, until you are told not to be nice.

Everyone is expected to abide by this code. You will be given no fewer than one official reprimand, which may include a demotion in rank. You may, however, be notified that any further transgression will result in a gkick. You have been warned. We are fair, honest, and consistent, however, we will not tolerate any form of malicious hostility, manufacturing of drama, bitterness or resentment between members, or any other form harassment or unwise behavior. No hate speech will be tolerated.

Please demonstrate a bit of class while in guild chat and Discord. For example, the phrase "whalecum" or any variation thereof is strictly forbidden. This interpretation is at the discretion of Dredd. We can all have a bit of fun, but some things won't be tolerated. Your willingness, or unwillingness, to comply will be noted. Rise above it all.

Lastly, <Rise>'s official policy and stance is to abide by the terms of service of the Elysium Project. - Go there to acquaint yourself with the guidelines.

This includes several important things:

Do not buy gold.
Do not sell gold.
Do not profit from playing this game.
Do not exploit (PvP, duping, GM corruption, win trade, etc).

You do any of this at your own risk, and <Rise> does not condone any behavior that contravenes the official terms of service.

IV. Raiding Expectations

  1. Attend raids regularly and consistently.
  2. Be on time.
  3. Get on Discord (You don't have to have a mic, but be able to listen).
  4. Be positive, pay attention, listen to your raid leader, stay focused.
  5. Bring your consumables.
  6. If you're going to be late or absent, let an officer or myself know and post in the Elysium Absent/Late Raid Notification forum indicating your absence.
  7. Sign up for the raids. If you don't sign up for the raids, you will not necessarily be guaranteed a spot. Also, at class lead and officer discretion, if you aren't signed up, you may face loot penalties. It only takes 30 seconds.
  8. Do not join another guild's raid or a pug unless you have prior authorization. We need you to attend <Rise> raids for progression purposes. If you willingly and neglectfully remove yourself from being eligible to attend our specific Raid ID, then why are you even in this guild? Ask an officer and a class leader before you join a pug. If you cannot make a normally scheduled raid, then make sure you indicate that in the appropriate forum and raid signup, and only after which you will be allowed to join a different raid. Failure to do so will result in you losing your place in loot ladder, losing your raider rank, and losing your membership in this guild, in that escalating order.
  9. Be respectful of everyone's time. Please be ready and attentive during raids. As we continue to progress our gear and experience will shorten the time required to full clear. Tanks chain-pulling, eliminating ready checks, and expediting loot distribution will further help us complete raids in a quick manner. Your cooperation and attentiveness is all that's required to complement new and evolving strategies and policies.

Any violation of the enumerated may result in demotion, dropping of loot ladder, and/or removal from the guild.

Raiding Times

Tuesday 8pm-12am EST
Thursday 8pm-12am EST

Tuesday and Thursday will be the primary nights for progression raiding. At the moment, that means MC, in the future, it will be BWL, AQ, and Naxx. As we progress through raid tiers, Sunday will likely become the designated night for earlier content.

Onyxia will be on Sundays for the foreseeable future. Once our MC clear time drops low enough, Onyxia will likely shift to a main raid night.

Optional members meeting will occur post-raids. Any concerns, input, suggestions, and grievances can be brought up in a civil and orderly nature.

V. Loot Policy

Loot will be distributed through a Loot Council system. Class Specific loot will be based on a loot ladder system. If you are on the top of the ladder when a tier piece drops, you will have the option to take the piece of gear or pass it to the next person. If you take the gear or miss a raid, you drop to the bottom of the ladder. Each class leader is responsible for overseeing the loot ladder and may bypass the ladder as seen fit if it benefits the guild's progression.

Multi-class loot will be distributed by a Loot Council of the Guild Master and Officers. Relevant class leaders may be invited to participate in the discussion. Additionally, each week two random members of the guild will be invited to sit in on the discussion to act as witnesses and ensure that the officers are distributing loot evenly and fairly throughout the guild.

  1. The officers and class leaders are permanent loot council members. Two randomly selected guild members who will act as advisers and observers for each raid night.
  2. Cross-class items distribution is determined by loot council.
  3. Loot ladder will be determined by each class leader for their respective class. Loot ladder simply has people take turns taking gear. Class leaders have discretion to alter it in some ways (ability for players to pass once, 3 piece set bonuses, etc).
  4. Loot Council considers member contributions, loyalty, gear, preparation, timeliness, upgrade potential, recent upgrades, and symmetric gearing up of the guild.

VI. In Closing...

Thanks for taking the time to read the guild charter. We value your time and look forward to getting to know more about you!